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Since computer came into act , there are lot of things happening around us . If we will talk about the life it became so easy through computer, all offline things was to be done on computer so as now. But what would be the future of the technical world , like computers made life so easy but what are the after effects. As a computer science student I would love to share my knowledge and opinion . Today there are a lot of things related to technical world like social medias, websites, applications, webpages they made human life so easy that we don’t even need to go out and work . But will things be the same in future or else we will see something beyond imagination? in early 90’s no one imagined about today’s technical world, similarly we can’t even imagine the future technology. there will be artificial intelligence system all around the globe. Things will be managed by robots, and will be less human efforts. transportation will be easy as there will be new technology to be introduced everyone can start their business, work online in an efficient way so these are some of the things that will there in future.

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Tanishq Vyas

Tanishq Vyas

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